Monday, August 12, 2013

Satisfy your craving for Burger and Fries in Bangladesh

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Outside Burger and Boost
There are a lot of good tasting local food in Bangladesh. If you love curry and spices you've got a lot to choose from. From Biryani to Khichuri name it and they've got it.

But if you are looking for food items that would satisfy the craving of your western palate, like burger and fries, 'Burger and Boost' (B&B) is the place to go.

Bangladesh has an American Burger Franchise A&W, but in my opinion B&B is way better.

food verdict:
Quality of food - 8 of 10 (close to fastfood burgers like Mcdonald's)
Customer service - 7 of 10 (good, but still has room for improvement)
Location - 7 of 10 (not in the main road so, maybe quite difficult to find for tourists)

Enjoy the food hopping!

Address: Road #6, Block-C, Banani Dhaka

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