Monday, August 12, 2013

Satisfy your craving for Burger and Fries in Bangladesh

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Outside Burger and Boost
There are a lot of good tasting local food in Bangladesh. If you love curry and spices you've got a lot to choose from. From Biryani to Khichuri name it and they've got it.

But if you are looking for food items that would satisfy the craving of your western palate, like burger and fries, 'Burger and Boost' (B&B) is the place to go.

Bangladesh has an American Burger Franchise A&W, but in my opinion B&B is way better.

food verdict:
Quality of food - 8 of 10 (close to fastfood burgers like Mcdonald's)
Customer service - 7 of 10 (good, but still has room for improvement)
Location - 7 of 10 (not in the main road so, maybe quite difficult to find for tourists)

Enjoy the food hopping!

Address: Road #6, Block-C, Banani Dhaka

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Premium Ice Cream Parlour opens in Banani, Bangladesh

food-travel-bangladesh-dhaka-banani-new zealand natural front photo
New Zealand Natural
I was foodspotting earlier and i am happy to spot another great find, New Zealand Natural! Ice cream delight in Bangladesh. It opened on August 8, 2013. The ice cream as expected is great. In my opinion it is better than Movenpick and Belissimo which is a brand that you can also see along Banani area.

The price is a bit expensive but it is what you can expect from a premium brand ice cream.

Flavor Recommendations:
English Toffee and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

the more scoops the cheaper it gets.
1 scoop = 250 BDT
2 scoops = 350 BDT
3 scoops = 500 BDT

Service assessment:
Customer Service - 8 out of 10
Location - 8 out of 10
Value for money - 8 out of 10

Location: House 100, 1st Floor, Road 11 Block C, Banani, Dhaka

Enjoy your dessert!

Facts about the brand ( lifted from ):

New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream is a global franchise network based in Auckland, New Zealand. It operates as an international franchisor of ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothie and juice parlours and mini parlours.
Food-travel-bangladesh-dhaka-banani-new zealand natural-ice cream-dessert-english toffee-chocolate fudge
English Tofee and Chocolate Fudge Brownie

New Zealand Natural began as a small ice creamery in Christchurch in New Zealand's South Island in 1984 that specialized in ice cream with no artificial colours or flavours. Rael Polivnick, a South African entrepreneur and Australian resident, met the owner on a plane shortly after it opened, and this chance meeting led to him opening a store at Bondi Beach in 1985. Polivnick settled on a franchising model as the best way of growing the business, and the first franchised store was opened in 1990.
Purchased from Polivnick in July 2005, today the company is 100% owned by New Zealand-based Emerald Foods, run by local entrepreneur Diane Foreman. The Auckland factory produces almost all of the ice cream for the company's franchised network of over 700 branded outlets in 22 countries. Today the brand has diversified to include a range of ice-creams for retail, grocery and foodservice.
Despite previously being under Australian ownership for almost 20 years, the ice cream has always been made in New Zealand. "Our ice cream has always been proudly made in New Zealand, using the freshest and purest cream and ingredients." explains Shane Lamont, New Zealand Natural's Managing Director. "It used to be produced in Christchurch, but now it's made at Emerald's factory in East Tamaki."

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dessert food trip at Club Gelato Dhaka, Bangladesh

Club Gelato entrance
Eid Mubarak! Today, a lot of my muslim friends here in Dhaka, Bangladesh are spending their time with family and close friends. Everywhere you go you see people well dressed up and eating out at restaurants and coffee shops. It's a feast everywhere, rickshaws and cars are replaced by people moving around.

As I was passing by my favorite food spot in Banani area, I saw a lot of people lining up at a coffee/gelato shop. I said to myself, why not try it out and there you go, I got another food find. The cake that i ordered  (victoria slice) is moist and the chocolate flavor has this right amount of sweetness. 

If you are curious about the price, it's a bit expensive, 180 BDT per slice, but I guarantee it will satisfy your craving, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

For coffee lovers like me, this goes well with a black unsweetened coffee. Happy eating and Happy Eid!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Share life's adventure

share life's adventure, siargao island, motto
Photo taken at Siargao Island, Philippines

The 'insight bug' has bitten me today and it guided me back to my very core. I am a former swimmer, martial arts practitioner, aspiring photographer, blogger and currently an expat. But what remains constant is, I am a traveler (agos...lakbay...) and I am here to share life's adventure. 

Cheers and have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Best chocolate cupcakes in Dhaka Bangladesh

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coffee americano and chocolate cupcake
Customer service at it's best! This is how I can describe Kiva Han's management, i.e. from staff to its owners.

Last friday, I sent a commendation thru their FB account and also suggested to offer more variety of pastries. To my surprise, when i visited earlier to have a quick break, I was welcomed by a wide selection of sweets. 

If you have a sweet tooth and is craving for chocolate cupcakes, this is the place to be! It has a choco cream topping, the cake is moist and has a sweet chocolate filling. Triple choco delight!

I am a coffee addict and I will definitely recommend this one because it goes well with it, especially if it's black coffee less the sugar.

If you are curious about the price, it will only cost you 150 BDT per piece, good enough for the superb taste.

To my fellow expats (asian, american, australian, british, etc.), tourists and locals in Dhaka, Bangladesh you may want to check it out.


Kiva Han Location:
House - 1/A (1st Floor), Road - 23, Gulshan -1, Dhaka - 1212

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bangladesh King of the road

travel, bangladesh, dhaka, banani, souveneir, toy, rickshaw
Dhaka Bangladesh Souveneir
Food blogging = Binge eating :) . For now, I'll have to slow down on eating and try focusing on other good things about this amazing city. We know that Dhaka's king of the road are the rickshaws, so if you are planning on getting a souvenir, you may want to bring home a miniature Bangladesh rickshaw. You can buy these in markets and specialty shops along the stretch of Banani area.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Glazed donut experience in Gulshan 2 Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Glazed Donuts, Dhaka Bangladesh

If you are a fan of donuts such as Krispy kreme, Dunkin donuts (both originated from the United States) or J.Co donuts (Indonesia), if you live here in Bangladesh you might get thrilled with the newly opened 'Glazed'.

Glazed is 100% Bangladeshi franchise and a first of it's kind in the country. It opened on July 31, 2013 and so far it is selling like hotcakes!

I went there today to have my first bite, but man! waiting in queue is a challenge. People are really eager to try it out.

When i got my turn, I ordered Dazzled and Tiramisu flavor. After tasting it, I said to myself It is worth the wait! the cream filling inside of both flavors complements really well.

I can't blame why people will wait in long queues just to get a taste of this sinful yet tasteful snack. I will definitely return for more!

Location: Dhaka City Corporation Market, Gulshan 2. Shop No. G2, DMC 47, Gulshan 2